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Sarthak Birani

Candidate Summary:

Experienced in leadership as International Students representative and Vice President (Education). Skilled in event planning through UNSA, mentoring students via ilead. Dedicated to amplifying UON students' voices, enhancing engagement, well-being, and career prospects. Committed to cultural events and community building.


  • International Students' Senate Convenor

  • Newcastle Campuses Convenor

Candidate Statement:

As a proven Intl. Students’ Senate Convenor AND Vice President (Education), I've stood up for student needs and solved problems for our diverse UON community. I've used my knowledge as an AskUON assistant and have helped and understood the concerns of UON students.

I've organized UNSA events, sharpening my planning skills, and helped students find balance through ilead and as a student success partner in College of Engineering. 
If re-elected, I'll use my connections to voice UON students' needs to the university. I'm dedicated to making your time here better. I'll work with wellbeing advisors and Campus Care to enhance student support.
My focus is practical: helping students find industry experience and part-time jobs, aiding career planning, and linking students with industry insights. I'll strengthen our community by promoting unity through cultural activities.
My goal is to introduce programs that assist in adjusting to life in a new culture. Together, we'll make UON a supportive home for all international students.


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