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Election Info

What is the SRC?

The Student Representative Council (SRC) is a group of students – elected by you! – that communicates the needs of students and guides UNSA in addressing them, through advocacy and student support programs.

Members of the SRC also help raise awareness of UNSA's activities through participation in events and promotional campaigns, and meet with students (relevant to their portfolio) to offer assistance and hear their concerns.

SRC positions are important and exclusive leadership roles, each of which has key responsibilities related to its portfolio. For a full description of SRC positions and responsibilities, please find the 'SRC Positions' page on this website.

UNSA requires its SRC members to devote significant time and energy towards enhancing the student experience.
In return, these members gain valuable (and highly employable) skills in leadership, governance, project management, advocacy, communication, collaboration, strategic planning, event coordination and working for a non-profit organisation. (They also have a lot of fun!)


Nomination & Election Process

On July 24th, nominations will open for all SRC positions. You will receive an email in your student inbox from the University's Returning Officer, inviting you to nominate yourself for any position(s) for which you are eligible; you'll also be given instructions on what to include in your nomination, and where to submit it. Nominations will close August 10th, 2023.

Throughout August and early September, candidates will be given time to campaign, and then on September 4th, voting will close. Leading up to the voting period, you'll be sent an email from the Returning Officer, with a private link for you to cast your votes for each role. 

Successful candidates with be announced no later than September 11th, 2023.

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