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Rahul Lunia

Candidate Summary:

Experienced in leadership and community engagement, I am dedicated to representing UON students. As an SRC member, I aim to enhance student support services, promote mental health initiatives, and advocate for sustainability on campus.


  • Vice-President (Education)

  • Vice-President (Experience & Engagement)

  • Vice-President (Welfare & Wellbeing)

  • Newcastle Campuses Convenor

  • International Students' Senate Convenor

  • Postgraduate Students' Senate Convenor

Candidate Statement:

Hello, fellow students of UON! I'm Rahul, an MBA student at this vibrant campus. Throughout my academic journey, I've honed my leadership skills through active participation in various student clubs and organizing events.

I'm excited to apply for the UNSA SRC because I believe in the power of student representation. I want to be a strong voice for all UON students, addressing their needs and advocating for positive changes.

My vision for UON students revolves around fostering a thriving academic and social environment. I aim to collaborate with UNSA to enhance career development resources, organizing workshops, and networking events to empower students for their future endeavors.

Furthermore, mental health and well-being are paramount, and I will work tirelessly to expand support services, ensuring that every student has access to resources and a nurturing environment.

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