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Max Ross Burge

Candidate Summary:

I care deeply about creating a community outside of study to make people feel more connected to each other and their studies. I have managerial experience and am currently on the board of the UNBCA.


  • Vice-President (Experience & Engagement)

Candidate Statement:

I am extremely passionate in building a deeper and more meaningful connection between students. This is because I know that studying can become extremely stressful and lonely, despite being surrounded by people doing the same course. I have personally felt this in my Commerce degree. My goal is to create an environment that makes students feel comfortable in asking each other for help and support.

I would achieve this by creating more networking opportunities for specific courses through creating engaging events and promoting social media groups to allow off campus students to feel included. This allows for students to not only feel more passionate about their degrees, but also increase the wellbeing of everyone. I have lots of experience in leading teams in workplaces, and I absolutely love working with other people. One of my main goals in life is to make people feel more connected with each other, being on the SRC would greatly help me achieve this. 

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