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Matthew Jeffrey

Candidate Summary:

I am a committed student, artist, unionist, writer, and political campaigner. I would like to reform the student union in the face of growing student poverty and course-cutting so that it can be an active vehicle for change.


  • President

Candidate Statement:

Why Me?

I bring five years of union and community organising experience, primarily in land-rights and worker struggle. As a union representative in the workplace, I developed keen negotiation skills. I enjoy creating democratic structures for member voices.



The University Management big talks about Inclusion -- yet structurally is letting its Students, Teachers, Support Staff and education starve. Cutting Courses. Cutting Campuses. Our UNSA should become structurally more akin to a Union, rather than a business or charity, to fight for our regions future as a political Voice. The University Management has already restructured UNSA to dampen student control of student affairs.


I Will:

- Push constitutional reform so that management can no longer meddle.

- Fight for all of our SSAF Funding to be redirected to the Union for student initiatives

- Push for an Advocacy and Campaigns Unit and Committee within UNSA to keep the Uni accountable and give students voice

- Push for an Environmental Officer for SRC

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