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Lachlan Squair

Candidate Summary:

I'm a proudly queer and disabled trans man with a passion for social justice and experience working with and used lived experience to advise organizations such as Sane, ACON, CDAH and the university. 


  • Vice-President (Welfare & Wellbeing)

Candidate Statement:

I want to serve on the SRC to create safer and more accessible spaces for student, especially those that are vulnerable. I hope to use my lived experience with mental health, disability and addiction to push for stronger university policies to protect and support students regardless of where they're from, who they are, or what they're struggling with.

I am a strong believer of ending sexual violence on campus, providing safer environments for those partying on a night out, and creating safer, specialized, and more supportive spaces for students from marginalized communities. As an ambulatory wheelchair user I also hope to push for strategies to make our campuses more accessible and inviting for students living with disabilities, and I hope my visibility as a disabled candidate inspires other disabled student to nominate themselves for future roles and encourages them to engage in student politics. 

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