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Sarthak Birani



Why this role?

I want students to get the best experience out of their degrees, to help solve any difficulty they might have in their Academics and to support them by being a mentor.

My Experience

I have gained experience through my work as the International Students’ Senate Convenor at UNSA this year. Being a second year Mechatronics Engineering Representative at the engineering forum has given me experience at representing students in my degree.


Through my work as a member of iLEAD, I have improved my ability to mentor students and help them maintain a healthy work-life balance throughout their degree.

I understand the potential questions that a student can have regarding their Academics.
After working at the AskUON I am familiar with different academic support teams at the university, e.g., the program advice.

What do you hope to achieve for UON Students?

  • Make time to hear from the UON student body on how I can improve their academic experience.

  • Help students connect with potential employers through expos and increase the support available to students who have Placements and WIL as a part of their degree.

  • Raise awareness of and engagement with existing learning support within the student body, and support students to confidently access learning support by making it MORE approachable.

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