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Samuel Cox



Why this role?

It’s crucial that the degree you are studying looks just like what you hoped. As VP Education I would ensure the quality of education at the University of Newcastle is exactly what students deserve.

My Experience

G’day again! I’m Sam and I’ll be completely honest with you; I’m a bit of a nerd so I’m the perfect candidate for VP Education. I’m just kidding of course (though not about the nerd part) but in my current position of Newcastle Convenor, I’ve led many initiatives (such as the increase to NUspace opening hours) that have a hugely positive impact on education here at Newcastle. I know that education is not just classroom learning. It’s about practical opportunites, excellent facilities, and time to wind down. I won’t pretend I’m a perfect student – I’ve had some close calls with the 11:59 PM deadline myself – so I understand the importance of a balanced university lifestyle.

What do you hope to achieve for UON Students?

In 2023 I want to ensure that students are kept well informed of potential changes to their degree structure. I’d also work to put measures in place to prevent students from burning out at university.

If you want reliable and determined VP Education, then Tick the Box for Samuel Cox!

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