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Tegan Stettaford



Why this role?

Advocating for the passionate people who endeavour into further education is paramount for, with more work to do in this space.

My Experience

As the 2022 Postgraduate Students’ Senate Convenor I have experience with the SRC and this role. Since my last nomination, I have continued to develop my skills by maintaining various commitments, such as being the 2021-2022 team leader of ASSBI, a peer mentor at UoN, iLEAD student and a sessional academic within the School of Psychology. However, I’m always looking to improve; I now sit on the executive committee of 2 clubs, volunteer for Lifeline and am an Associate Lecturer in the Joint Medical Program alongside my PhD studies, which provide opportunities to run meetings internally and externally, present at conferences and communicate research findings.

My passion for postgraduate study and positive student engagement will be guided by these experiences.

What do you hope to achieve for UON Students?

I’ll continue working towards my 2022 goals: achieve clarity and improve ease of process for postgraduate students and provide opportunities for self and career progression throughout one’s candidature.

I have also developed new goals around supervisor training and accountability and working towards developing the HDR festival and Doctoral Wellbeing Week to be inclusive and student-centred.

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