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Ruby Walker



Why this role?

We as students deserve to have our mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing looked after. I want this role so I can contribute to upholding that fact and making it achievable for all.

My Experience

My experience includes one year in the VPW position.

In this role, I led projects such as

·       Free therapy dog sessions

·       Free & subsidized food

·       Re-establishment of the community garden

I chaired and sat on the Welfare committee, working groups within UNSA, UON and the broader community. I also contributed to multiple UNSA & UON events.

From this I’ve developed my skills of advocacy, consultancy, confrontation and a strong relationship with students, UON staff and community members.

My knowledge of current process and systems means I’ll take clear expectations and capabilities into 2023 to get the job done.

What do you hope to achieve for UON Students?

I plan to:

1.     work with UON to implement recommendations regarding sexual harassment and assault (SASH) on campus. Including:

·       a clear, accessible reporting process

·       engaging culture change around SASH, sex, and consent

2.     deliver initiatives of

·       Free drug harm minimization pill testing kits

·       Regular Therapy dog sessions

·       free meal kits.

3.     lobby for

·       SSAF money spent on more councilors

·       wheelchair accessible campus

·       an Environmental Officer position on the SRC.

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