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Belle Johnson



Why this role?

I have a deep passion for having a safe, accessible and supportive environment, which is something I would promote on campus for all students.

My Experience

I am currently the deputy convenor of the Accessibility & Equity collective, in which I work closely with students and other executive members to ensure that students who have a disability, medical condition or require accommodations have a safe environment where they can discuss relevant topics with people with a similar experience. I have also been involved in advocacy work for people with diverse backgrounds, advocating within multiple systems including the education system to ensure that everyone can be supported and have their voice heard to discuss topics that affect people in their everyday life.

What do you hope to achieve for UON Students?

Students need an environment in which they are safe and supported to achieve their goals. I want to create an environment in which students feel comfortable asking for help, also ensuring that there is appropriate support for students no matter what barriers may arise for them. I would like to increase support available and awareness to what support students can access also working with students to find gaps and fill those gaps in current support services.

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