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Tegan Stettaford



Why this role?

Advocating for rights of welfare and safety is paramount for me and a passion of relevance to my career.

My Experience

As the 2022 Postgraduate Students’ Senate Convenor I have experience with the SRC and in this space as a Psychology graduate and PhD student; I have seen and experienced the impact of wellbeing and welfare across levels of study. As a sessional academic in psychology and Associate lecturer in Medicine I have seen and heard impacts of poor wellbeing and welfare amongst students. My passion in wellbeing and welfare extends outside of university as an aspiring Clinical psychologist and current Lifeline volunteer. I am very thankful to have sat on the welfare committee this year, working towards change, and look forward to seeing this continue.

My general passion for wellbeing and welfare extends strongly into the education space as someone with a great love for learning and understanding of student struggles.

What do you hope to achieve for UON Students?

I’ll continue pursuing the concerns noted during my 2022 role for Postgraduates regarding supervisor training and accountability and continue to work towards the issues raised in the welfare committee; notably the understaffing of counselling services.
Utilising psychology masters students to minimise the gap and run events/webinars is an untapped resource.

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