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Owen Medcalf

Candidate Summary:

As your Student Council Representative, I will bring a wealth of leadership experience, forward-thinking ideas, and a passion to make your university years unforgettable. Together, we'll shape a future that benefits every one of us. Let's make this journey remarkable! 


  • President

  • Vice-President (Education)

  • Vice-President (Experience & Engagement)

  • Vice-President (Welfare & Wellbeing)

  • Central Coast Campuses Convenor

Candidate Statement:

I'm committed to making our university a place that works for every one of us, across all campuses. With a background in Business Management, I'm well-equipped to oversee projects that benefit us all.

My goal is to create a university that's constantly moving forward, promoting equality, and improving for the better. I envision a campus where we can all be ourselves without judgment or fear, fostering an environment where freedom of expression thrives.

As a dual national, I bring a unique perspective, coupled with the right skills and experience, to lead our university towards progress. Serving on the Student Representative Council, I'll strive to bring positive change, encouraging meaningful student connections that make us feel at home during challenging times.

With me, you will be at the centre of our focus. Let's build a university where every student thrives, and together, we'll make this vision a reality. Vote for a brighter future!

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